We help you build a legacy worth remembering

Your legacy means more than how much money you leave behind. Legacy takes many forms – memories, values, beliefs, families, companies, and communities. How do you make sure that your everlasting legacy is one that reflects what you believe, love, and live for?

The Willing Wisdom ™ Index is an easy-to-use and powerful checklist that you can use to make legacy planning decisions before completing a full legal document with your lawyers. This is a customized guide that reflects your personal wishes. Completing this simple checklist will help you achieve clarity and peace of mind when it comes to granting Power of Attorney and Executor, as well as savings on lawyer fees.

The report is 100% confidential – no one receives the checklist, except you. Our team has made this checklist free for you to use and benefit from. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Click the link below to complete your Willing Wisdom ™ Index.

Access Your Willing Wisdom ™

Your Report

  • The detailed checklist you are about to receive is your personal guide to a more complete estate-plan.
  • After filling out your Checklist, you will receive a personalized to-do list.
  • Use this to-do list to make important decisions before meeting with your lawyer.
  • You may decide to share your checklist with up to three people

Please feel free to share Willing Wisdom ™ with anyone you care about.