Make your money work for you.

You made it this far.

You’ve grown your wealth by building a successful business. You now have good money problems: a significant sum of money that needs protection from high taxes, bad investments, and inflation.

Our business is advising entrepreneurs on how to protect and build inter-generational wealth.

Features & Benefits

The right investments for you.
Comprehensive financial planning starts with selecting long-term investments, not the current hot stock. While this makes our approach “boring” it maximizes returns and prevents unnecessary risk.

Financial planning requires flexibility because our lives are always changing. To provide this flexibility, we partner with the world’s leading investment managers. This gives us the ability to build an investment portfolio tailored to your goals.

Tax-efficient investing
Searching for better investment returns? We start by examining your tax bill. Many Canadians pay too much tax by having the wrong investment structure.

For high-earning business owners, we see this as low-hanging fruit. After all, where else can you find double-digit returns with minimal risk? Working alongside your accountant, we identify opportunities to optimize your taxes.

Build generational wealth
Humans are living longer, making inflation a significant risk to your retirement. Our team now plans for retirements that will last for 30, 40, or even 50 years. If not, you run the risk of running out of money in retirement.

We avoid this with robust financial planning that accounts for various economic conditions. The result is an investment strategy that remains rock-solid across multiple generations.

How it works

Our collaborative approach to financial planning keeps you involved at every step:

Step 1: We talk about your financial goals

The sole purpose of our first meeting is to understand what you want. What are your goals and concerns? Do you want to retire at 50? Do you want to leave your wealth to your children or to a philanthropic initiative? Our job is to build an investment strategy to match these goals.

Step 2: We review your current financial picture

ur next job is to study your current financial picture. Where are your current investments held? What is the current risk exposure? Do these match your current goals and risk tolerance?

In a follow-up meeting, we present our recommendations to you and your accountant.

Step 3: We put the plan in action

After agreeing on the investment strategy, we build your personalized portfolio.

Step 4: We meet on a regular basis

Since life is always changing, we meet on a regular schedule to review your goals and concerns. We do this to avoid missing major life changes that could change your investment plan.

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