A Wealth Management Company That Does Employee Benefits?

It might seem a bit strange at first, but the health and happiness of employees are an integral part of building wealth.

71% of employees who are satisfied with their benefits packages are very loyal to their employers. Source

We like those numbers.

There are some other great advantages for companies to invest in their employee benefits including:

  • Cutting the amount paid for Employment Insurance
  • Reducing employee turnover and the costs to train new staff
  • Positioning the company as a leading employer

Without a competitive employee benefits plan, you can’t attract and keep the best talent.


Employee Benefit Plans Customized To Your Needs

We build long-term relationships with companies, helping them accomplish:

  • Employee benefits
  • Executive C-suite benefits
  • Multiple employee class plans and location specific invoicing
  • Health and dental plans
  • Flexible dollars through health spending accounts
  • Wellness accounts which could include lift tickets, day care, gym, and sport memberships
  • Company RRSP, TFSA, and pension plans. Options for employer matched or just employee contributions

Our Process

Step 1: Design Benefit Plans

Elementus listens to what is important to your company; we assist in identifying the goals and designing plans (including alternatives) that align to these goals.

We leverage industry reports, to ensure you are positioning yourself appropriately, in relation to your competitors. Lastly, your budget is always in consideration when selecting the features and coverage.

Step 2: Take Plans To The Market

We ensure your company gets the best package for the best price, from an insurance company that “fits” your team’s culture and company goals. That’s why we audit the marketplace of insurance carriers, on your behalf.

Step 3: Select Insurance Carrier And The Plan(s)

Together we review the offers from the insurance companies. We support you in selecting the best fitting carrier and finalizing the plan design.

Step 4: Implementing The Plan(s)

We transition from design to implementation, coordinating a smooth roll out of the benefit plan, between the insurance carrier and your team. Your time is valuable, so we make it easy for you.

Working with your company’s plan administrator, we assist them in enrolling all eligible employees.

Part of the roll-out can include a lunch + learn presentation by the insurance company representative and our Elementus team; this provides education on how to maximize, and not abuse, the new employee benefit plan.

Step 5: Ongoing Management

We perform pro-active check-ins and ongoing industry comparisons, making sure your plan continues to benefit your employees, and remains aligned to your goals.

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