Meet the Team

At Elementus we’ve been passionate about entrepreneur community and their families, since 2006. We create and guide generational wealth, build lasting relationships, and celebrate your successes with you, along the way.

Jeff DevlinElementus Wealth Management Inc.

At Elementus Wealth Management Inc. I lead the corporate planning division, which delivers the big picture, structure/tax, and strategic advice for our niche clientele. Our firm is dedicated to working with successful entrepreneurs, incorporated professionals and small to medium-sized business owners to achieve their vision of success.

Our firm provides expert advice for corporate and personal wealth accumulation, protecting assets with insurance (risk mitigation), retaining/attracting talented employees through group benefits and pension plans. I have been a qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) since 2017. MDRT is a worldwide qualifying continuing education group reserved for the top 1% of advisors internationally. My strengths and areas of focus are corporate wealth advisory and personal lifestyle integration for entrepreneurs and incorporated professionals.

Having lived in Vancouver, Whistler and now Victoria and being an avid West Coast real estate investor (I co-own a design-focused real estate investment company with my wife, Julia), I know real estate is the cornerstone of many successful portfolios. In my experience, most financial advisors are not experienced or educated in how to use real estate as an asset class or income producing investment for their portfolio. They struggle to build a real estate acquisition strategy, multiply it into wealth accumulation and ultimately design a retirement income plan while anticipating the major tax implications caused by the growth of the West Coast real estate market.

I differentiate myself from other financial advisors and planners with a specialization in what I call “Entrepreneurial Wealth Management". The outcome of our process combines corporate, personal and legacy planning with real estate and traditional assets. We incorporate building wealth with real estate, tax effectively drawing income from businesses and real estate, transferring wealth to family members, charities, and mitigating future tax liabilities arising from aggressively growing capital gains. Our planning process solves both the growth of assets and tax saving strategies to keep more in your family (and/or charities) and give less to the government, in form of tax. My unique skill set, 15 years of financial planning expertise with business owners and my background in West Coast real estate investing makes working with me the obvious choice for successful individuals growing their wealth and investing in real estate.

Our advisory process is lead with open communication - I am an approachable listener, I take pride in building long-term successful relationships. Everyone has a different vision of success, and it is important I clearly understand yours to help you best to achieve your goals.

The plans we develop are highly customized and ever-evolving. These plans are designed only after learning as much as possible about you; your vision for financial success, your desired timeframe to achieve it, your knowledge and comfort levels with market risk and if real estate investment is a part of your overall portfolio. As life stages change (marriage, children, etc.) and lifestyles improve, personal and corporate goals are typically developed. As your dedicated planning partner, we will continually evolve your plan for you to achieve your goals and lifestyle best.

Nature, family and community are where I am happiest. I can be found snowboarding, hiking, paddleboarding, and living a healthy and happy lifestyle in our beautiful West Coast backyard with my family of seriously the coolest, strongest, fiercest, kindest and most inspiring females I know- my wife Julia and my daughter Elliana...oh and our Goldendoodle, Kemper - she’s super awesome too!

MacAssociate | Elementus Wealth Management Inc.

As the Wealth Advisor for Elementus, I am passionate about your success. Everything I and the investment team do is geared towards helping you achieve your life goals.

Our team knows that every client has a unique set of preferences, financial personality, values, and interests. I understand that managing your investment requires a balance between securing a strong foundation that can withstand market volatility and finding opportunities to capture future growth. My primary responsibilities involve overseeing your investment performance, auditing investment options, and bringing together global market insights to optimize your portfolio growth.

As a keen observer of how economies have been evolving around us, I believe that the traditional way to design your portfolio no longer works and the previous generation of investment advisors are often out of date. Emerging investment trends, variances in economic growth around the world, different government policies require a new investment design. Our global strategic allocation portfolio is designed for investors who seek both protecting and growing wealth over time. We use the best in class actively managed private pools combined with low-cost index ETFs to enhance performance and lower your investment costs. The team and I also design other strategies depending on your investment goals and preferences:

  • Strategic Corporate Asset Allocation
  • Bomb Shelter Investment through Life Insurance
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Yield Focused
  • Tax-Deferred Income Distributions

When I’m not busy managing your portfolios, you can find me working on my topspin forehand at a tennis court or running up the Grouse Grind. I love helping out at the Salvation Army kitchen and delivering surplus food from grocery stores to food-insecure communities on the weekend with Refood. I am also an active member of the Vancouver Young Professional Rotaract Club and the Global Leaders Toastmaster Club.

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Janine "The Machine" Bartoli

Director of Client Services | Elementus Wealth Management Inc.

As the Director of Client Services at Elementus Wealth Management - my role is ensuring professional client communication, efficient processes in managing client requests, transactions, and enhancing the client/advisor experience.

I am a veteran operations management and client service professional in the financial industry. I started my career as a marketing associate in 2008 with Investors Group and later moved to a marketing and client service role with Freedom 55’s largest producing financial centre - Vancouver Georgia. At this centre, I was the client service marketing associate for Freedom 55’s top producing financial planners and investment advisors. This is where I first worked with Jeff Devlin as his administrative and marketing assistant.

After leaving Freedom 55 I continued to broaden my skill set and add to my knowledge base through working in an operations management and client service role with ICBC's investment department, later leaving to start my own administration and operations consulting company, Prontos Consulting. A decade after working with Jeff at Freedom 55, he reached out to me and asked me to be the Investment Client Service Manager for Elementus, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and incorporated individuals. Being a successful entrepreneur and working for a firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs is a perfect fit and a role I am proud of!

My key strengths are my extensive knowledge and experience in investment administration and client services, thorough understanding of investment compliance, investment transactions and processes, and long-standing relationships with brokerages and investment companies. As well, I am an incredibly organized, motivated, problem solver, ensuring client requests and actions are managed in a professional, personable, and efficient manner.

My downtime is filled with family, nature, and dogs. I volunteer for a rescue organization called Taco Dog- we rescue and rehabilitate dogs from the streets of Mexico and find them loving homes in Canada. When I am not working or helping with Taco Dog, you can find me walking my pups (both rescues of course) along Kits beach or escaping the city to be camping somewhere in our beautiful west coast forests with my dogs, my husband Adam, and my daughter Jaila- my mini-me!

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