Meet the Team

At Elementus we’ve been passionate about entrepreneur community and their families, since 2006. We create and guide generational wealth, build lasting relationships, and celebrate your successes with you, along the way.

Jeff Elementus Wealth Management Vancouver

Jeff Devlin

Certified Financial Planner, Director

Jeff is one part financial planner, one part business strategist, and one part entrepreneur. This powerful combination gives him a unique understanding of where you are coming from, the ability to see where you want to go, and how he can get you there.

He starts with your goals and visions, then reverse engineers the path, in order to handpick the best solutions for each entrepreneur’s unique situation.

His approach to planning follows a simple premise: building meaningful, long-term relationships. Often clients at Elementus start with business and then turn into friends.

When he’s not working closely with his clients, Jeff spends his time with his incredible wife Julia and their golden doodle, Kemper; together they enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle, primarily in Whistler, B.C. As many of you know, Jeff has a love for snowboarding in deep powder, but what you might not know, is that Jeff was a semi-finalist in the Fernie, B.C “Rock-Paper-Scissors” Championship and considers himself a prodigy of “Street Fighter 2”.

Mac Elementus Wealth Management Vancouver


Director of Client Services

Mac joined Elementus in 2016 and has consistently delivered an excellent client service experience. He’s always smiling and has a positive take on any situation. Whatever is needed, he gets the job done right.

With a history of working in retail banking and other private wealth management firms, Mac brings valuable skills to the Elementus team. He’s passionate about helping clients and has their best interests at heart, which is why he loves working at Elementus.

His passion for business makes him a perfect fit for Elementus’ clientele. He’s a budding entrepreneur. By day he’s becoming an mild-mannered expert in the financial industry, by night he is building two successful businesses. He has high ambitions to make the Forbes top 30 under 30 list.

When he’s not working at Elementus or running his businesses, Mac can be found playing basketball, working out, listening to hip hop, or practicing to achieve his other major life goal: beating Jeff at "Street Fighter 2".

Emily Elementus Wealth Management Vancouver

Emily Bartrim

Employee Benefits Plan & Operations Manager

Emily helps Jeff design companies’ group benefit plans that attract and retain the best talent so that our client’s businesses can continue to have the market edge.

In addition to creating customized benefit plans, Emily provides ongoing education and support to entrepreneurs and their teams, making sure that everyone gets the most out of their plans.

She has a degree in Business Finance and focuses on the client experience, when improving and developing processes at Elementus. Emily can relate and anticipate our client’s needs, as she has had her own entrepreneurial experience, from building and running an interior design company. Her positive energy and expertise in streamlining operations, brings a fresh perspective to our team.

When she’s not at work, Emily cooks delicious meals for friends, explores foodie spots in Vancouver and adventures into the Northshore for some fresh mountain air. Emily values spending meaningful and memorable time with her family. Friends, family and fitness recharge Emily’s energy and positive spirit.

She is not interested in “Street Fighter 2”, but is a competitive “Donkey Kong Country” player.

private wealth and estate services

Tax & Estate Planning Team

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Tax & Estate Planner (TEP) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Our team of tax and estate planning consultants have an extensive background in advising entrepreneurs and affluent individuals on their estate planning, wealth transfers, estate equalization and estate maximization to provide the specialized services needed to create customized financial solutions.