At Elementus We Live, Breath, And Love Entrepreneurs

We create out-of-the-box solutions that give our out-of-the-box clients the flexibility they need to reach their business and lifestyle goals.

We are Entrepreneurs

Only entrepreneurs understand entrepreneurs. Otherwise it’s all theory.

Our founder, Jeff Devlin, is more than just your average financial planner. He is an entrepreneur who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Real estate is his second favourite asset class and he doesn’t love traditional RSPs.

We Give Holistic Advice

We are independent advisors and are not limited to one company’s product shelf. This gives us the flexibility to solve unique challenges.

We often work with approximately 20 – 30% of the overall portfolio and stay in a tax-sheltered zone. If our instructions are followed, you won’t lose what you’ve got.

Why Work With Elementus?

We know that maximizing wealth requires creativity. We pride ourselves in crafting individualized, unique, and highly-transparent solutions for your wealth management needs.

We value long-term relationships and work with a select few clients, collaborating with their current team of advisors. We stick to our strengths and let others excel at theirs.

We have the experience and successful track record to back it up.

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